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Vivid Dream Supplement - Brilliant Dreams - Natural Dream Herb for Dream Interpretation and Lucid Dreaming- Order Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions
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1. When should I expect to see results with Brilliant Dreams?
2. What are the benefits?
3. Will Brilliant Dreams help me to remember my dreams?
4. When should I take Brilliant Dreams?
5. Are there any side effects?
6. Will this change the content of my dreams?
7. Does Brilliant Dreams™ improve memory?
8. What do my dreams mean?
9. How do you ensure the quality of Brilliant Dreams?
10. What other methods can I use to help me remember my dreams?
11. I'm a vegetarian, is there a vegetable capsule option? - Yes!

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When should I expect to see results with Brilliant Dreams?

Many people report dramatic enhancement in dream vividness and clarity within the first few nights and improved dream recall and greater dream density within a few weeks. Since Brilliant Dreams is designed as a safe method of dream enhancement, it works best over time with consistent use.

Dream enhancement results are dramatic and gradual and can be combined with additional techniques. Results may vary since every individual has a different capacity for memory, dream potential and existing sleep/dream habits.

Each bottle of safety-sealed Brilliant Dreams contains 60 capsules, a two months supply!


What are the benefits of using Brilliant Dreams?

Brilliant Dreams™ is designed to boost quality of sleep by enhancing dreaming activity, delivering more REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement, a time during the sleep cycle when someone is dreaming) and promoting dream recall. Specific factors include:

Brilliant Dreams Dream Enhancements:
Improves Dream Recall - Simply remembering dreams is the first step!
Promotes REM Sleep - Have more dreams and longer dream duration!
Enhances Dream Vividness - Improves quality and clarity of your dreams!.
Encourages Lucid Dreaming - Achieve lucid dream experiences!



Will Brilliant Dreams help me to remember my dreams?

Yes, Brilliant Dreams promotes dream recall and memory enabling you to remember more of your dreams each night. Brilliant Dreams also boosts the dream phase (REM sleep) for clear, vivid dreams which are much more memorable.

Why is it important to remember your dreams? This varies depending on whom you ask. Many people believe strongly that dreams provide insights (even enlightenment) to oneself. Others find that dreams are beneficial for solving problems or generating new ideas and creativity (the old adage "to sleep on it" comes to mind). Also, many people simply find their dreams to be very entertaining and fascinating, that is, when they do remember them.

Improved dream recall is beneficial for all of the above. After all, none of this is possible if you can't remember your dreams!


When should I take Brilliant Dreams™?

Brilliant Dreams should be taken within 30 minutes of bedtime, ideally right at bedtime. That's it!

Some avid lucid dreamers choose to take a second capsule at bedtime or a third capsule during their sleep cycle if they are prone to waking at night. (e.g. they might wake up at 2am to go to the bathroom and take another capsule prior to returning to bed).

This can induce very dramatic dream experiences just prior to waking, a time when it is even easier to remember dreams.


Are there any side effects?

Brilliant Dreams is safe and side effects are virtually nonexistent. A very low percentage of hypersensitive individuals may experience slight nausea, but can remedy this by taking Brilliant Dreams with food.

Unlike many other, non natural sleep aids, none of the ingredients in Brilliant Dreams are known to be addictive or to build up tolerance.
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Will this change the content of my dreams?

No, not directly. Brilliant Dreams is formulated to improve your dream vividness, frequency and recall. It does not change what you dream.

However, many people find that it seems like there are interesting changes in their dream content and that they are achieving wonderful new altered states because THEY BECOME MUCH MORE AWARE of their new vivid and lucid dreams.

With Brilliant Dreams, you can enjoy and remember dreams that you previously never even knew you were having!


Does Brilliant Dreams improve memory?

Research has shown that the ingredients in Brilliant Dreams can maintain and even boost memory and overall cognitive ability. Experts have found that stress and other factors can reduce REM sleep. Many people simply do not dream enough each night and wake feeling tired and unwell.

The dream phase is also a time when learned experiences are consolidated and 'hard-wired' in the brain. This is why infants typically dream about twice as much each night than adults -- they are in a state of hyper-learning.

By reducing dream latency (you start dreaming sooner) and increasing dream density (you dream more each night), Brilliant Dreams gives you much more restful sleep while improving memory and recall!

Cognitive ability (intelligence) and memory can be maintained and even improved Brilliant Dreams. Read about the science here.


What do my dreams mean?

Visit our Dream Interpretation page for information on dream interpretation history and theory, as well as current dream interpretation and dream dictionary resources.


How do you ensure the quality of Brilliant Dreams?

You can be assured that Brilliant Dreams is of the highest quality. Brilliant Dreams is manufactured under the rigorous standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in an ISO9001 certified facility. All ingredients are subjected to rigorous testing before they are accepted.

The final product is tested both during and after the manufacturing phase to further ensure quality. All bottles are safety sealed with tamper resistant foil and cap. More about our dream pill advantages.


What other methods can I use to help me remember and enhance my dreams?

Please visit our dream recall tips and dream journal tips page for information that can work synergistically with Brilliant Dreams to further help you remember your dreams.


I'm a vegetarian, is there a vegetable capsule option?

Yes! We now offer a Vegetarian Capsule option. Just contact us with your order number and let us know that you want us to send you the Vegetarian version of Brilliant Dreams!



Have additional questions? Just contact us!


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Brilliant Dreams™ is a Dream Enhancing supplement. With Brilliant Dreams™, individuals are better able to remember their dreams, have more vivid dreams, have longer dream phases and are more likely to achieve lucid dreaming.. View our dream dicionary for dream interpretation.

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