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Vivid Dream Supplement - Brilliant Dreams - Natural Dream Herb for Dream Interpretation and Lucid Dreaming- Order Today!

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Dream Interpretation - Dream Symbolism

People have been fascinated with dreams and as such dreams and their purpose have been studied intensively throughout the ages.

The ancients considered a dream to be authentic experiences of the soul. The ancients believed that during sleep the soul becomes detached from the physical body and roams both heaven and earth. 

Dreams help us to fulfil the whole of our potential, focusing on the parts of ourselves that we are ignoring or neglecting. Dreams are a natural part of our inner growth and development and help in restoring and maintaining the balance between the various aspects of personality. Dreams help us to connect to our inner self and our real needs, connecting our unconscious with our conscious. Dreams are honest and give us valuable insights to our psyche. Dreams talk to us, they tell us what we are happy with, what we are not happy with, where we are at in our life and where we could be.

Dreams don't speak to us in plain English or use logic, rather they talk to us in a pictorial language, mostly in images, using metaphors, archetypical symbols, puns, word play, and symbols. 

The four major components to dreams are the characters, the setting, the actions and the emotions - all of which some consider to be projections of what is going on in the dreamers mind.

You are your best dream interpreter, though we understand that sometimes this is not possible, that's where dream interpretation can help. 

Dream interpretation based on psychological & traditional theory - Drawing heavily from Jungian, Psychological and Traditional theory.

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Brilliant Dreams™ is a Dream Enhancing supplement. With Brilliant Dreams™, individuals are better able to remember their dreams, have more vivid dreams, have longer dream phases and are more likely to achieve lucid dreaming.. View our dream dicionary for dream interpretation.

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