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Vivid Dream Supplement - Brilliant Dreams - Natural Dream Herb for Dream Interpretation and Lucid Dreaming- Order Today!

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Brilliant Dreams - Dream Supplement - Dream Herb - Dream Pill for vivid lucid dreamsdream interpretation, dream interpreation, interpret dreams

Lucid Dreaming

  Herbal extract enhances dream vividness and makes it easier to remember dreams - Brilliant Dreams - Dream Machine, Wired Magazine
  Dream Machine by Seth Kaplan. Wired Magazine "Artifacts from the Future". Wow. I would be the first in line for a safe product like this that boosts dreams... Wait a second, I AM among the first thanks to Brilliant Dreams! The future indeed.

Imagine that while dreaming you become AWARE you are dreaming and are able to take conscious CONTROL over your dream. This is called lucid dreaming, an extremely vivid and wonderful dream state in which you can make your every wish come true, every single night!

Reclaim those lost hours sleeping! Create your own worlds and fantasies. Enjoy experiences that will keep you thrilled and exhilarated for weeks to come -- Use dreams to solve real life problems, find enlightenment and dramatically boost your creativity. The only limit is your imagination! Use lucid dreaming to:

    Chat with Da Vinci, develop new ideas, test solutions to business or personal problems. Watch your ideas play like a movie, a movie you control!
    Discover new inventions that NOBODY ELSE in the world has even thought of or use this new found time to EXPLORE solutions to life, work or personal

    Confront your fears in perfect safety. Get rid of bad habits, become an excellent public speaker, stop being afraid of snakes. Practice asking for that raise at work or taking the plunge into starting your own business. Become your own inner psychologist for personal growth and to vault your life forward!

    Explore totally real and totally safe fantasies! Release inhibitions, discover amazing new levels of passion and turn your wildest thoughts into reality. Your lucid dreams will be as pleasurable and intense as you want them to be! And the experiences will be much more vivid and clear!

It is EASIER to induce lucidity in dreams that are are very vivid or stimulating. By enhancing the vividness and clarity of dreams, Brilliant Dreams makes it much easier to achieve lucid dreaming! You too can join the ranks of those that experience the euphoria of lucid dreaming!

Dream Fact: Many lucid dreamers focus on enjoying the thrill of flight in their dreams (think superman or peter pan). Many more focus on enjoying thrills of a more passionate nature.

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Brilliant Dreams™ is a Dream Enhancing supplement. With Brilliant Dreams™, individuals are better able to remember their dreams, have more vivid dreams, have longer dream phases and are more likely to achieve lucid dreaming.. View our dream dicionary for dream interpretation.

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